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Hoganas China Co., Ltd.

Höganäs AB founded in 1797 in Sweden, is the world leader on the market for iron and metal powders with a yearly capacity of 520,000 tons. It has 18 production facilities in 11 countries around the world, around 950 grated patents, providing high-quality products and services to 3,000 customers in 75 counties and areas with ease and speed. To inspire industry make more with less, we produce over 3,500 different powders, most of them are customized Astaloy ®, Distaloy ®, Premix ®, Starmix ®, Densmix® with mixes, pure iron powder, low alloy, stainless steel, wear resistance high speed tool steel powder for compact and sitner , Somaloy® for electromagnetic applications , AMPERIT® and AMPERWELD ® with carbide, iron, nickel, cobalt, MCrAlY, molybdenum based, oxide, alloy and other metal powders for surface coating,AMPERSINT ® for metal injection molding, AMPERPRINT ® with nickel alloy, cobalt alloy, ferroalloy powder for additive manufacturing, Cleanit ® for water and soil treatment. Besides, our products cover brazing, welding, cutting, friction, hot polymer filtration, chemical & metallurgical and iron fortification. Our powders are widely used in automotive, electronics, mining, steel, engineering machinery, turbine, glass mold, plastic extrusion, machine part, information technology, consumable industry, drinking water, industrial wastewater, soil and groundwater remediation. 

The double-sided AFPM (one stator, two rotors) is the most efficient concept using Somaloy®. This is normally referred to as the Yokeless and Segmented Armature (YASA) concept. These larger motors bring Proven outstanding torque- and power density, high pole number and made from a larger number of small modules. These concepts are especially suitable for EV and HEV traction motors. YASA motor using SMC in Koenigsegg car with Regera is the evidence of what it achieved.

The Somaloy® from Höganäs, which used for AFPM with powder compact process causing structure diversification, better performance in eddy current loss for high speed and high frequency application. Better manufacturing process and pressing process for core more convenient and yield is higher as well. Higher power density can be achieved by axial flux design, meanwhile the winding process and assembly process are simplified. Investment and total process cost of SMC is more cost effective to making cores. 

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