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2020.04.22 - 23
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Hoganas China Co., Ltd

Höganäs是世界领先的金属粉末供应商。产品和服务引领行业发展节省更多投入更少。解决方案覆盖汽车零件、钎焊、电机、表面喷涂、增材制造和水处理等。Höganäs为汽车行业开发粉末冶金解决方案。同时,通过和客户、顶层制造商和OEM的密切合作,提供传动齿轮、电机以及用于DC/DC转换器的电感开发和设计。Alvier Mechatronics是Höganäs全资公司,为汽车行业模拟和开发高度集成的电力驱动系统、驱动电机等,与汽车制造商、供应商、开发服务提供商和科研机构一起为未来移动生活,为高频应用提供现代化材料、资源高效、快速和可规模化生产途径。

Höganäs is a pioneer and world leader in metal powders. We know our products and services can improve resource efficiency and inspire our customers to make more with less. We work closely with our customers and their clients to ensure that we thoroughly understand needs and requirements of the end products. We are developing tomorrow’s solutions for numerous applications such as automotive components, brazing, electrical motors, surface coating, additive manufacturing and water treatment. Höganäs develops cost effective, compact and high-performing powder metallurgy solutions for the automotive industry. We also offer design and development services for transmission gears and electric motors as well as auxiliary functions and inductors for DC/DC converters and charging, all in close collaboration with customers, top tier manufacturers and OEMs. Alvier Mechatronics is a fully owned partner to Höganäs. Alvier Mechatronics is a highly specialized engineering partner offering convincing edrive and DCDC conversion solutions up to customers' requirements in shortest development time. We are developing high frequency motors, intelligent transmission concepts, smart energy conversion and high torque auxiliaries. We deliver high performance solutions for our customers so that they can edrive at high speed!

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