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2020.04.22 - 23
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Smart Manufacturing Technology Ltd.

英国赛玛特传动技术有限公司(Smart Manufacturing Technology,简称“SMT”) 是机械传动工程服务和软件开发一体化的全球领导者,享誉国际。其开发的传动系设计分析优化CAE软件MASTA、TE/NVH测试软硬件工具MEASA及传动系统技术项目咨询服务能力令其成为了一家服务于传动系统开发行业所有领域的国际企业,在各种传动类型的NVH及设计分析等方面取得了显著成果。

Smart Manufacturing Technology (‘SMT’ for short) is a global integrated leader in mechanical transmission engineering services and CAE software development. Its headquarters are located in Nottingham, UK. Its advanced CAE software (MASTA), TE/NVH solution (MEASA) and extraordinary engineering project services make it a universal company serving all fields of the transmission development industry. Developed by SMT, MASTA is an advanced CAE solution for mechanical transmission systems. It has all functions which are needed for the concept design, the detail design and the simulation for manufactures; it can solve most design challenges for EV and HEV gear boxes from the system level; it can calculate and analyze the high speed gear boxes and the excitation of motors. In addition to advanced CAE software solutions, SMT has also cooperated with a number of well-known world leading new energy auto companies, the projects are especially in the NVH, design and analysis of pure electric SUV, pure electric vehicles. SMT can accurately locate the root cause of the NVH problem of the entire transmission and drivetrain chain.

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