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SK Energy Lubricants Co., ltd.

SK Lubricants is a subsidiary of SK Group, and is one of suppliers of Ⅲ base oil in the global. YUBASE is a famous band in Ⅲ base oil market and is purchased by Mobile, Shell and BP, etc. So YUBASE has a bigger marketing share in the Ⅲ base oil market of global. SK lubricants is a Korean lubricants company, and we use YUBASE base on SK`s unique technology to produce high quality lubricants products. Due to good performance, SK lubricants already gets authentication of GM, BMW, BENZ, PORSCHE, RENAULT, VOLVO, HYUNDAI and KIA, etc. And SK lubricants is supplier of HYUNDAI Motor, KIA Motor, DICC, VW, FORD for long time.

Since 1968, SK lubricants produced products in Ulsan. This plant is in the south of Korea, and it has a high efficiency oil refining system. The technology institute of SK Innovation is in the central zone of Korea, and it is research center of SK Innovation. A laboratory has ASTM equipments in this research center is always for SK lubricants, and SK lubricants already completed many test items.

Nowadays, SK lubricants products already are imported by countries in the world, and we get approval from GM: Good Quality, QA of Global standard, Stable supply in Global. 

ZIC®ATF Dexron-VI is fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Product has been manufactured by SK YUBASE® synthetic base oil with advanced additives. Global supplier for GM factory fluid & service fluid.

EDF is SK independent intellectual property product. It has been manufactured by synthetic base oil with advanced additives. EDF has been authorized as exclusive supplier for NO.1 EV OEM factory fluid & service fluid. 


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