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2020.04.22 - 23
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SK Energy Lubricants(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.

SK润滑油隶属韩国SK集团,是全球领先的三类基础油生产和供应商,其三类基础油品牌YUBASE®长期为壳牌、美孚、BP等供货。SK润滑油采用SK YUBASE®三类基础油精致调和而成,先后获得通用、宝马、奔驰、大众、保时捷、雷诺、沃尔沃、现代和起亚等汽车品牌的认证,已成为现代、起亚、斗山、大众等知名车厂的长期润滑油供应商,荣获GM的三大认证:良好的品质、全球标准的质量保证、稳定的全球供应。SK润滑油蔚山工厂拥有高效的炼油运作体系,SK润滑油实验室拥有主流ASTM测试设备,可独立完成众多复杂的实验项目。SK润滑油将依托专业化技术竞争力稳步实现全球战略愿景。

SK Lubricants is a subsidiary of SK Group, and is the leading supplier of Ⅲ base oil in the global.  YUBASE is a famous band in Ⅲ base oil market and is purchased by Mobil, Shell  and BP, etc. SK lubricants use YUBASE base on SK`s unique technology to produce high quality lubricants products. Due to good performance, SK lubricants already gets authentication of GM, BMW, BENZ, PORSCHE, RENAULT, VOLVO, HYUNDAI and KIA, etc. And SK lubricants is the supplier of HYUNDAI Motor, KIA Motor, DICC, VW, FORD for long time.  We get approval from GM: Good Quality, QA of Global standard, stable supply in Global. Our plant in Ulsan, Korea has a high efficiency oil refining system. Our technology institute is in the research center of SK Innovation. A laboratory has ASTM equipments in this research center is always for SK lubricants, and SK lubricants already completed many test items. Nowadays, SK lubricants will steadily realize its strategic vision relying on its professional technical competitiveness and global network advantages.

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