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Victrex High-Performance Materials Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Victrex’ high-performance PEEK polymer solutions have successfully replaced metals and other polymers in a wide range of demanding powertrain applications to improve

· efficiency

· safety

· cost-effectiveness

· driving comfort

VICTREX™ PEEK polymer, APTIV™ Film and VICTREX™ Gear Solutions solutions can meet or exceed performance criteria and enable component cost savings potential by eliminating secondary operations, such as machining, and consolidating a number of metal parts into one injection-moulded component.

With over 40 years of PEEK polymer knowledge, we partner with customers to design new solutions to improve performance, reduce manufacturing costs and speed up your time to market. We always thrive on improving the status quo – working with our customers and finding new ways to solve complex design requirements that address today’s challenges and the megatrends affecting tomorrow. Together we can go beyond small measures and truly create solutions that will give our customers real competitive advantage.


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