2019 Sponsor Invitation

Speech & Sponsorship Invitation

Who should speak & Sponsor ?

● Vehicle Manufacturers

● Transmission, e-motor and drive system companies

● Component, lubrication, material and processing companies

● Design, engineering, software and test companies

● Universities and consulting companies, etc.

Why speak & sponsor?

● Speak in front of most of your target groups

● Demonstrate your thought and technology leadership

● Promote your brand image and values extensively

● Network widely with customers and peers

● Extend your influence through media coverage

Scope of Topics (include but not limited to the following ones)

1. Regulations/Market Requirements/Technical Trends and Strategy

● Regulations and market changes and their impact on drive systems

● Prospects for hybrid and electric vehicles (Global, China)

● Future transmission and drive system

● Drive system technical route and modularity strategy

2. Transmission and Drive Technology Innovation

● Transmission technical upgrading and new concept

● Hybrid Drive system based on conventional transmission

● 48V and dedicated hybrid transmission and drive

● EV driveline and drive system (single Speed) Multi-speed)

● AW drive system and its electrification

● Drive motor and controller, hybrid engine

● Drive system for self-driving and connected driving

3. ICE/(P)HEV/EV Transmission and Drive Component Technologies

● Sub-systems, components and parts

● Control software/MCU

● Lubrication and additive

● Material and manufacturing process

● Lightweight

4. Development and Testing Technologies

● R&D methods for electrified transmission and drive

● E-drive system integration and optimization

● NVH control of e-drive

● Control and calibration of drive systems

● Lubrication and cooling development for drive system

● Highly integrated e-drive system testing

● Functional safety

● Driving cycle and load spectrum

Important Deadlines

2018.12.16 Application /Abstract submission

for sponsor fee discount opportunities

2019.01.16 Application /Abstract submission

2019.01.26 Notification of acceptance

2019.03.20 Submission of presentation

Requirement for Presentation Submission

● High quality and novel

● Highlight innovation and actual or expected impact

● Case study or analysis of research results is advised

● Practical solutions would be also preferred

● EN (over 350 words) and CN abstract are required for reviewing

● Submission of presentation subtitles (e.g. 3-5 key points) required

● Presentations in both English and Chinese are highly recommended

TMC Technical Committee will decide whether to accept the presentation mainly on the basis of the abstract review.

Abstract Content for Reference

● Presentation title (14 POINT, BOLD, CAPITAL LETTERS)

● Author (Font Arial 10 hereafter)

● Key words (about 5 key words)

● Research and/or Engineering Questions/objective

● Methodology

● Main technical, economic and/or practical points

● Aspects of novel, innovative and unique

● Case study or analysis of research results

● Conclusion