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2020.04.22 - 23
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"To achieve low carbonization is the mission of the next generation of automotive power transmission system. We must dig out low-carbon technologies for sustainable automotive development." “It is time to put low carbonization on the transmission system development agenda." "The next generation of electromechanical coupled power transmission system will become the core of low carbonization and product competitiveness, with great market potential and opportunities, which is also the second milestone that Chinese passenger cars must cross after automatic transmission." “The future of China's auto market will be a long-term co-existence of pure electric vehicles and conventional vehicles (including HEVs). With the huge new energy vehicle market potential in China, it is safe for car companies to build next generation platform." “China automobile industry needs to be forward-looking, and cannot blindly follow international trends. Under the conditions of modern technology, following is backward. If enterprises do not develop next generation of technologies, they are doomed to lag behind.” These were some highlights of a presentation by an industry leader at TMC2020 reported by media.

There will be a lot of discussions about hot issues and innovative technologies for China auto industry in the next event (TMC2021). Your in-depth reports and widely dissemination would definitely help the industry in your country and the world understand Chinese technology trends and strategies. Look forward to the active participation of influential media in TMC2021.

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