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2020.04.22 - 23
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Haima Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haima automobile), a listed company, was founded in 1988 with a total assets of 16.4 billion yuan, more than 10000 employees directly under it, an annual income of nearly 20 billion yuan, and a total tax payment of more than 20 billion yuan. At present, the company has arranged Haikou production base, Zhengzhou production base and Shanghai R & D base, and realized the export of complete vehicles in more than 20 countries and regions such as Egypt, Chile, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc., displaying the new image of "made in China", and has donated more than 500 million yuan to the society in terms of earthquake relief, poverty alleviation and education and public utilities.

In 2017, Haima automobile ranked 425 on the list of "2017 top 500 Chinese private enterprises" and 245 on the list of "2017 top 500 Chinese private enterprises" and 287 on the list of "2017 top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises". In 2017, seahorse motor ranked 413 in the top 500 list released by fortune (China).

Haima has 3 vehicle production facilities, 1 new energy production facility, 2 engine production facilities and one transmission production facility , 2 parts industrial parks. It has vehicle development center, powertrain development center and the Electric Vehicle Technology Department. Haima has the production qualifications of traditional, plug-in hybrid , and pure electric vehicles. Haima Boost Blue was built in 2013. It consists of high-efficiency engine, high-efficiency 7WDCT transmission, high-efficiency P2-eDCT, power battery, and independent software. The high-efficiency 7WDCT transmission passed the acceptance of the Zhengzhou Science and Technology Project in 2019. Deep blue 7WDCT and eDCT are strategic products of Haima Automobile Powertrain Center. They are independently designed and developed, have the characteristics of compact structure, high efficiency, excellent NVH, good performance of power. They provide the industry with a cost-effective and efficient hybrid solution ,and are suitable for mass production.

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