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JATCO, a professional manufacturer of automatic transmission, has celebrated its 50th anniversary, is the only CVT manufacturer in the world that covers minicars to large cars of 3.5L grade, which has plants in Japan, China, Thailand and Mexico. JATCO (Guangzhou) Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd., mainly manufactures products "Jatco CVT7", "Jatco CVT7 W/R", "Jatco CVT8". The annual production capacity is one million units. "Jatco CVT7 W/R" has been selected as the world TOP10 transmission. On November 8th, 2019, the second plant in China, JATCO (Suzhou) Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd.,, announced that it has started operation, which mainly manufactures products "Jatco CVT8". In addition to the traditional transmission for fuel vehicles, JATCO will soon launch Mild Hybrid transmission and EDU for BEV.

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