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2020.04.22 - 23
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WSS Precision Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

WSS is the world’s leading manufacturer of tooling for machining industry, customized to each customer’s requirements, utilizing a range of German manufacturing processes. With leading-edge engineering design and 20 years expertise of German workmanship in the manufacture of precision cutting tools, WSS has fully equipped manufacturing location in Shanghai, China and specializes in production of precision diamond tools such as PCD (Polycrystalline diamond), CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) and ND (Natural diamond) inserts, non-standard cutting tools and rotary tools. Our strong R&D team is highly experienced with innovating German technology in all aspects of design and advanced development for excellent quality of cutting tools.

By using WSS CBN and PCD inserts for processing shell of gray iron and casting aluminum alloy gearbox can not only extend tool life, but also improve production efficiency and product quality.

In milling plane and boring process of gray iron gearbox housing, CBN insert will ensure positional accuracy of the component due to stable processing performance. Especially, the use of Superhard WSS20 material in boring process can significantly extend tool durability and increase productivity.

WSSPA9 material PCD insert in the process of casting aluminum shell can ensure a high standard with high abrasive resistance, high processing efficiency and the up to 3000m / min milling speed. In addition, WSS PCD wiper insert achieves excellent surface finish. Our Superhard PCD Reamer also have good cutting performance and scrap removal effects by processing bearing and mounting hole of gearbox shell, which can reach high dimensional accuracy and precise surface roughness.


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