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2020.04.22 - 23
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Founded over 50 years ago, Smalley has evolved to become the world leader in the manufacturing and development of Retaining Rings, Spirolox Retaining Rings, Constant Section Rings and Wave Springs.The Smalley product line consists of 10,000 standard parts stocked in carbon steel and stainless steel as well as specialty design in exotic alloys or customer specified dimensions.

-Wave springs reduce spring height by 50%

-Same force and deflection as ordinary coil/compression springs

-Wave springs fit tight radial and axial space

-Over 4,000 standard springs in carbon and stainless steel(.188"to 16", 5mm to 400mm diameters)

-No-tooling-charges on custom designs( .157" to 120", 4mm to 3000 mm diameters)

-exotic alloys available

-Spirolox Retaining Rings have No Ears to interfere with mating components

-Smalley Constant Section Retaining Rings are Circular-Grain, coiled not stamped

-Over 6,000 standard retaining rings (1/4" to 16", 6mm to 400mm diameter)

-No Tooling charges on custom retaining ring designs (.157" to 120", 4mm to 3000mm diameter)

-Exotic alloys available

-Smalley Retaining Rings are easy to install and remove when compared to a standard retaining ring


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