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2020.04.22 - 23
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Jiangsu Kingrain Auto Powertrain Technology Co., Ltd.

Kingrain Electro-hydraulic Control System co., LTD is a returned overseas Chinese as the core of specializing in automobile, engineering machinery, precision machine tools and other high-end manufacturing equipment of electro-hydraulic control system and the design and development, production and sales of related products and technical services of high-tech enterprises. The main products are the core components of auto transmission (including CVT, AT, DCT, DHT, etc.) - hydraulic control module. Hydraulic Control Unit(HCU) is a traditional automatic transmission (AT/CVT/DCT) and one of the three subsystems of hybrid transmission, it is composed with complex Hydraulic valve of the oil circuit structure and multiple sets of Hydraulic valve, solenoid valve, such as highly integrated together, use fission type structure, more oil in complex three-dimensional network arrangement type, valve core hole are more slender hole hole and steps, high working pressure, high precision, high assembly accuracy and high cleanliness, etc. By controlling the input current of different combinations of solenoid valves and adjusting the pressure or flow output of their control ports, the functions of oil supply and pressure regulation and system flow control inside the automatic transmission, torque converter locking control, cooling and lubrication control, and shift control are finally realized.After years of accumulated research and development, the company has mastered the from product development, mold design, die casting, precision machining, assembly, and the blank test, the whole process of the key technologies such as have a number of patents and proprietary technology, filled the blank in the field of domestic car. Company is the SAGW ,ShengRui Transmission, JiangLu&RongDa Vehicle Transmission, Wan Liyang Transmission clients such as core suppliers of automatic transmission hydraulic control module, replace imported products, has been for more than 20 species of independent brand models of form a complete set of automatic transmission, which include ShengRui transmission of form a complete set of 8 at automatic transmission won the first prize in the 2016 annual national scientific and technological progress. The company also undertake 2017 national industrial project, strengthening the automatic transmission hydraulic control module project, aspires to be an automatic transmission electro-hydraulic control module "intelligence" experts and the industry leader, is willing to render for the independent brand automobile industry revitalization, wholeheartedly welcome customers to visit. 

Add: The Industry Park of Wind-Electricity Technology Huishan District Wuxi.

Tel: 0510—83588650


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