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2020.04.22 - 23
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Despite the current downturn in China's NEV market and a lot of debate over the future electrification roadmaps, China's national strategy for NEV development will not waver.

In September 2019, Chinese government issued an amendment to the Dual Credit (CAFC + NEV credit) method for public opinion, which sets a stricter requirement for NEV energy consumption and will help increase the value of NEV credit scores, aimed to further promote high quality and rapid growth of NEVs. At the same time, the amendment puts forward a low fuel consumption vehicle concept to encourage the coordinated development of energy saving vehicles and NEVs.

To meet regulatory and market requirements, currently transmission and drivetrain technology developments are focused on efficiency, power density and cost improvement, as well as powertrain diversification for different markets segmented by region, age and income, etc. Achieving such technological advances depends largely on innovations in components and subsystems, system topologies, system integration and optimization, modularization, platforming, as well as development methods and tools, etc.

The potential for the innovations is unlimited, but the challenges are unprecedented. China has become one of the most dynamic countries for innovations with strong support of policies, capital and market. The key to successful innovations also lies in gathering the wisdom of the whole industry, and strengthening open cooperation and supply chain integration.

TMC is China’s biggest conference and expo for international technology exchange and networking in transmission and drivetrain areas. The 12th TM symposium China (TMC2020) will take place in Beijing in April 22-23, 2020 (starting from the 2nd press day of Beijing auto show). While continuing to introduce transmission upgrading technologies, this event will mainly discuss electrified transmission and drivetrain technologies suitable for Chinese market as mentioned above.

The scope of topics is as follows:

Regulations and market changes and their impact on drivetrains

Transmissions(TMs) improving PT efficiency and new TM concepts

High-efficiency and low-cost hybrid TMs and drives (48V/HEV/PHEV/REEV)

BEV multi-speed TMs, high-speed and highly integrated drives

Comparison of eAWD configurations and new eAWD concepts

Modular and scalable electrified drives (HEV, BEV)

High-efficiency/ power density e-motors and high-efficiency and low-cost inverters

Component, lubrication, cooling, material and processing technologies

Development & testing for NVH improvement, control strategy, system integration optimization, WLTP and drive control for autonomous driving, etc.

TMC2020 is expected to assemble about 50 speeches, 60 exhibitors and 900 professional participants. We will selectively send abstracts of innovative technologies to our audience email database and WeChat groups before the event, and invite core media to intensively report the innovative technologies and hot issue discussions.

Looking forward to your active participation in speech, exhibition and sponsorship with cutting-edge technologies and high-quality presentations.

Sincerely yours

China SAE / Hans Auto Consultant

October, 2019

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