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The 10th TM Symposium China-ICE,(P)HEV and EV Transmissions and Drives

April 26-27, 2018 Beijing. China

Dear Colleagues, 

The management regulation for passenger vehicle corporate average fuel consumption (CAFC) and NEV creditswas finally issued in September 2017. This regulation, together with over 30 NEV investment projects and the emergingshared mobility, would speed up energy saving and new energy vehicle development in China. It can be foreseen that 48V, high-voltage HEV and NEVmodelswould swarm into market during the window period from 2018 through 2020, and result in fierce competition, especially among each of them.Upgrading technologies and lowering costs are the keys to win the competition, in which transmissions and electrified drives would continue to play central roles. 

According to domestic mainstream opinions, it would not be before 2025 that BEVs could compete with petrol vehicles in the market in terms of mileage and cost, and ICE and hybrid vehicles would have a considerably long life span. Globally transmission and hybrid technologies have entered the phase of innovations for the efficiency and driveability improvement of a certain vehicle platform or segment in a systematic way, while Chinese brandedautomatic transmissions and hybridshave just started, thus it is badly needed to upgrade technologies and R&D efficiency with a faster pace.

In the meantime, autonomous and connected driving is also very hot in China and worldwide. Future powertrain needs to be intelligent and connected as well, where transmission and control software will take a central position. 

Under such background, we are ushering in the 10thanniversary of our TMC event. The 10thTM Symposium China (TMC2018) will be held on April 26-27 in Beijing during Beijing auto show. Important technology aspects of transmission and drive will be covered:


◆ Legislation and market environment changing and its implications

◆ HEV/PHEV/EV market prospect worldwide and in China

◆ Transmission technology innovations and new transmission concepts 

◆ 48V/HEV/PHEV transmission and drive concepts and modularity strategies

◆ BEV transmission and drive innovations (singe- and multi-speeds) 

◆ Four-wheel drive systems and its electrification

◆ Component, lubricant, material, lightweight and processing technologies 

◆ Development, testing and validation technologies and tools 

◆ Transmission technologies for ADAS, autonomous and connected driving

◆ Engine modification for hybrid, e-motors and dedicated battery for hybrid

TMC is the most influencing event in transmission and drive area in China. About 50 presentations, 60 exhibitors and 700 participants are expected for TMC2018. We will celebrate the 10thanniversary of the event and invite more industry leaders to attend. 

Looking forward to your active participation in speech, exhibition and sponsorship with high quality presentations and innovative products and services. 

Sincerely yours

Society of Automotive Engineers of China

Hans Auto Consultant

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