2018 Sponsor Invitation

Who should speak & Sponsor ?
● Vehicle Manufacturers
● Transmission and component suppliers
● Design, engineering, software and test companies
● Material, lubricant/additive and processing firms
● Universities and consulting companies, etc.

Why speak & sponsor?  
● Speak/exhibit in front of most of your target groups
● Demonstrate your technology leadership
● Promote your brand image and values extensively
● Network widely with customers and peers
● Expand your influence through media coverage
● Update yourself on CN market trends & requirements

Important Deadlines

2017.12.16:  Application /Abstract   submission for sponsor fee discount opportunities

2018.01.16:  Application /Abstract submission

2018.01.26:  Notification of  acceptance

2018.03.16:  Application for exhibition

2018.03.20:  Submission of presentation


2018 Beijing International Motor Show

April 25-26, 2018  Press days

April 27-28, 2018  Professional days

April 29 - May 04, 2018  Public days


1. Changing Environment, Technology Trends and Strategies Worldwide and in China 

       ●  Regulation and market changing and its implications

       ●  HEV/PHEV/EV market prospect worldwide and in China

       ●  Customers’ driving experiences and requirements for HEV/EV

       ●  Future transmissions and drive systems

       ●  Transmission and drive technology roadmap

       ●  Drivetrain modularity strategies

       ●  Impact of autonomous driving on transmission & drive technologies

2. Transmission and Drive Innovations 

       ●  Conventional transmission technologies

       ●  48V hybrid

       ●  HEV/PHEV transmissions and drives

       ●  Electric vehicle drives (single and multi-speed)

       ●  4WD systems and electrifications

       ●  E-motors and modified engines for hybrid

       ●  Transmission technologies for autonomous and connected driving

3. ICE/(P)HEV/EV Component Technology Innovations 

       ● Sub-systems, components and parts
       ● Control software/MCU
       ● Lubrication and additive
       ● Material and manufacturing process
       ● Lightweight 

4. ICE/(P)HEV/EV Development Technologies and Tools 

       ● Development process, standard and evaluation
       ● Virtual development
       ● Test and validation (Bench and road)
       ● Energy management 

       ● Control technology
       ● Calibration
       ● Driveline NVH optimization
       ● Driveability
       ● Thermal system management
       ● Durability
       ● System integration and optimization 

       ● Functional safety
       ● Road - Load cycles 

Requirement for Presentation Submission

High quality and novel 

Highlight innovation and actual or expected impact

Case study or analysis of research results is advised 

Practical solutions would be also preferred 

EN (over 350 words) and CN abstract are required for reviewing

Submission of presentation subtitles (e.g. 3-5 key points) required  

Presentations in both English and Chinese are highly  recommended 

Abstract Content for Reference

Presentation title (14 POINT, BOLD, CAPITAL LETTERS)

Author (Font Arial 10 hereafter)

Key words (about 5 key words)

Research and/or Engineering Questions/objective 


Main technical, economic and/or practical points

Aspects of novel, innovative and unique

Case study or analysis of research results 


Structure of TMC2017 Participants(total 655)

47% of the delegates were experts and at or above director level TMC2015 

Transmission & Drive
Engineering Service
Fluid Lubricant
Universities & Research Institutes


Chief Engr/VP/Vice GM
Director Level
Manager Level

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